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Educational Agent

Our company is working on Education consultants offer consultancy service to students and parents applying for various colleges in different countries. We are helping in navigation of application process, helping students in transitions relating to education program, advising parents and students in college and university  selection, filling application forms, preparing for interviews or tests, listing out a complete data of information.


We are  working on Young Entrepreneurs and related areas to create African Small  Business  Network, an  international network for sharing best practices, exchanging market research, and increasing small business participation in international trade, as well as business growth in local markets.


Event Organization

We are providing its clients with spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences. Whether the event is corporate or social, AKBD incorporates themes, design layouts, event formats, and décor with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event a most elegant, unique, and memorable experience.


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