working on Young Entrepreneurs and Small Business development incubators, accelerators, export assistance, women’s business initiative, and others



Our company is working on Young Entrepreneurs and  Small Business development incubators, accelerators, export assistance,  women’s business initiative, and other as appropriate, together with other countries to  create African Small  Business  Network, an  international network for sharing best practices, exchanging market research, and increasing small business participation in international trade, as well as business growth in local markets.

Major Activities

Promoting youth entrepreneurship in schools TVETs, colleges and universities looking for specialist mentors who can advise our student businesses on how to develop and implement their business ideas, offering sector specific knowledge and expertise ranging from design and prototyping through to creating business models.
Enterprise is not just about starting a business; it is about recognizing opportunities and seizing them. Our support includes inspirational talks from visiting entrepreneurs, practical workshops, taster sessions, competitions, enterprise schemes and other special events.
Students and graduates are challenged to take part in a range of enterprise competitions, giving them a chance to network with like-minded peers and successful entrepreneurs. Competitions are also an opportunity to win funding and other resources needed to start their business and gain valuable employability and enterprise skills.
Taking steps to make centers inclusive and accessible to a diverse group of entrepreneurs, with a special focus on access for the youth and women entrepreneurs.
Encouraging participation in web-based platforms, for business counselor to share best practices and for clients to link with international suppliers, buyers, and other potential business partners.
Promoting effective policies and otherwise encouraging financial institutions to increase women entrepreneurs’ access to capital.
Exploring partnerships with the private sector to advance these goals.


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